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About Us

Launched in 2014, we seek to empower schools and charities to promote positive social change through community engagement.

Teachers are drowning in paperwork. Paper-based and spreadsheet tracking of graduation requirements dominates in schools. It’s time confusing and highly inefficient.

Our InstantAutofillTM document generator takes student data and auto-fills work placement documents, such as government documents, and is also used to build personalized student learning plans. Teachers no longer have to manually fill out documents and they can generate or print these documents for hundreds of students at a time. Instantly complete:

Our PlacementTrackerTM and VolunteerHourTrackerTM manage school work placements and student progress toward graduation requirements. Students obtain electronic signature verification from placement supervisors and no longer have to drive across town or hop on a bus to get a signature. Teachers track student progress in real time.

“From a co-operative educator's point of view, it was a life saver. I no longer have to chase students, for 15 log sheets each, record hours, add hours, file log sheets, try to decipher handwriting and calculations… the Hour Republic program does that for us!”
Monica Ahrens, Community-Based Education Teacher, York Region DSB

“Hour Republic is very user friendly for even novice web based software users, and most of all, our students and employers love using it.
Michael MacLaren, Co-op Teacher, Thames Valley DSB

Our Story

Our founder, Popy Dimoulas-Graham (BSc, MSc), worked in the health sector, including as a senior outbreak epidemiologist, for over ten years of her professional life. It was through this experience that she gained unparalleled insight into analyzing emerging disease patterns and trends and solving complex public health issues.

As an avid volunteer since the age of 12, Popy's undying curiosity for ways to learn and grow by supporting communities in a meaningful way, and by volunteering both locally and abroad, led her to begin her journey into finding ways to promote volunteerism and ultimately empower students, teachers, volunteers, and volunteer coordinators to be engaging and efficient in their community endeavours.

It was a combination of her substantial volunteer experience and her time as an outbreak epidemiologist that has carried her to where she is today. And with the help of a dedicated team who share her passions for volunteerism and community engagement, Charity Republic and Hour Republic are propelling organizations into the future of community engagement, management, and technology-based tracking.

Popy Dimoulas-Graham

Vision Statement

A world in which people give without personal gain, and seek empowerment through volunteerism and community engagement.

Mission Statement

To promote meaningful volunteerism and community engagement via accessible and efficient technology solutions.

Our Philosophy — Respect, Authenticity, and Curiosity


We respect the inherent value of differing ideas and opinions, even if we disagree with them. This means greeting every situation with kindness and the intent to create a win-win situation.


We strive to maintain authenticity in a rapidly changing and often superficial world. We expect all of our staff, from the CEO to the newest hire, to be true to themselves regardless of a changing situation or environment.


We have an insatiable appetite for learning how to improve our product. We are always curious what our customers like, dislike, and think, and we strive to always meet their needs.

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